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Stayput Dome Hook
  • Horizontal and Vertical Models
  • Simple to install
  • Safe, low profile design ideal for outdoor play areas (ie. sandpits, pools).
  • Manufactured in Australia using UV stabilized nylon
  • 100% corrosion free
  • 7 colours available

    Product Description
    The Stayput Dome Hook is the latest addition to the Stayput Fastener range. The low profile Dome Hook minimizes the risk of being a tripping or snagging hazard when not in use, while still providing a secure anchor point. The Stayput Dome Hook accepts a 5mm shock cord as used on the Stayput Shock Cord Loop.

    Why was it developed?
    The Stayput Dome Hook Horizontal model was designed to secure fabric covers over sand pits and swimming pools. In many cases a fixing point needed to be installed on a flat surface like paving without creating a tripping hazard or a danger for small children. In some states, sand pits in child care centres, playgroups and preschools are required to be covered when not in use to prevent animals accessing them. Covers on swimming pools can prevent accidental drowning, minimize evaporation and keep leaf litter out. Customer feedback led us to adapt the Stayput Dome Hook Horizontal to create a Vertical version to secure the bottom of vertical blinds or curtains to a flat surface.

    How does it work and where can it be used?
    The Stayput Dome Hook is attached to a flat surface by two 8g countersunk screws. Neatly fitting colour coded plugs then cover the screws giving a clean smooth finish. There is no need to recess the Stayput Dome Hook into the ground so installation is quick and easy. The Stayput Dome Hook is suitable for use in many applications including, children's playgrounds, around swimming pools, boat decks, walls, walkways, verandahs etc...

  • Available NOW

    5 Sizes Available: 4mm - 5mm - 1/4" - 3/8" - 7/16"

    Stayput Spin Cut Tool
    New Product Description
    The Stayput Spin Cut Tool is, as the name suggests, designed to spin and cut holes in fabric. The five sizes of Stayput Spin Cut Tools available are matched to the holes required by the Stayput Press Clip (5mm), Shock Cord Loops, Marquee Hooks, Rope Track Slides (1/4") and # 4 Eyelets (3/8"). The 4mm will suit metal press studs.

    Why was it designed?
    The Stayput Spin Cut Tool was developed as a low impact means of making a hole in fabric. There is no need to have 3 hands to try and hold a block of wood, your hole punch and your hammer to make a hole, and it can be safely used against a boat cabin or car body without the risk of causing damage. The Stayput Spin Cut Tool also cuts nicely through tough fabrics like webbing.

    How does it work and where can it be used?
    The Stayput Spin Cut Tool is simply attached to your battery drill. While holding the nylon (HDPE) cutting board behind the fabric gently push the tool against the fabric to 'spin cut' your hole. Making a hole in fabric, particularly while working in the field is now an easy one person job making it ideal for mobile fabric workers, particularly on those occasions where it is better to complete the job without the need to remove it.

    Key Qualities/Benefits
  • Quick & Easy
  • Low Impact
  • Ideal for use on site & in situ

  • Available NOW

    Stayput Fasteners with Metal Tongue

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of our full range of Stayput Fasteners with Nickel Plated Brass tongues.
    This range is available in addition to our UV stabilized all nylon Stayput range of Vertical, Horizontal and Canvas-Canvas fasteners in both Black & White

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    Available NOW

    Stayput 'Stainless Steel' Fasteners

    Both the Stayput Horizontal Single Fastener and the Stayput Vertical Single Fastener are now available in
    '316' - Stainless Steel.

    While they serve the same purpose as the long established and proven Nylon Fasteners, the Stainless versions are for those who prefer the appearance and strength of Stainless Steel.

    The Stayput Horizontal Double Fastener and the Stayput Vertical Double Fastener in '316'-Stainless Steel will be available January 2007.

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    Available NOW

    Stayput Press Clip (White/Black)
    Registered Design 157368, 157229, 157230 & Registered Design Pending 29/216970, 29/217017

  • Comprising of a Cap, Stud & Base, the New Stayput Press Clip is the corrosion free alternative to conventional metal press studs / durables. It has been designed primarily for marine use where fabric needs to be attached to a solid surface, but is also suitable for use in many other applications.
  • All 3 components are manufactured entirely using UV stabilized nylon / acetal compounds and are available in black and white as standard. The cap may also soon be available in selected colours to match popular marine fabrics.
  • The cap & stud are installed in the fabric by simply squeezing the parts together through a 5mm hole. The base is fixed using either a 6g countersunk screw or a 3mm or 1/8 pop rivet.
  • A cost effective hand tool & inserts for a press n snap tool are available for installing the cap & stud in the fabric.
  • The Stayput Press Clip will not cause electrolysis or seize in marine environments thus eliminating possible damage to your boat and / or covers.
  • The Stayput Press Clip, when used in conjunction with the superior holding power & security of the Stayput Horizontal, Vertical or Canvas to Canvas fasteners, now offers a totally corrosion free fastening solution.

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    Available NOW

    Stayput Rope Track Slide (White/Black)

    The New Stayput Rope Track Slide has been designed to slide freely within an aluminium rope track. It is very easily installed in the fabric through a 5mm hole with no special tools required and has no moving parts to cause trouble. The ball which slides in the track allows the fitting to turn and the fabric to concertina, providing easy opening of any curtain or wall suspended from the track. The New Stayput Rope Track Slide brings to the market a simple and cost effective method of installing a curtain system in a variety of applications.

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    Upcoming Events

    See Stayput Fasteners at
    STA & BMAA Super Expo 2013

    The Specialised Textiles Association (STA)
    will join forces with the
    Blind Manufacturers Association Australian (BMAA)
    to create and stage a super expo

    5-7 June 2013
    Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

    At the STA & BMAA Super Expo 2013, Stayput Fasteners will proudly display their range of Australian designed and made fasteners.

    Come and see for yourself how our 'Spin Cut Tool' can make the task of cutting a hole in fabric so much easier than a conventional hole punch. If you are in the business of sandpit/pool covers or drop blinds, you must see the new 'Stayput Dome Hook'.

    While at our stand, have a close look at the 'Stayput Press Clip' and see why it has been accepted in the European marine market.

    The genuine Stayput Fastener product range continues to offer a superior fastening system for a wide range of applications including Marine, Automotive, Tents & Awnings etc. Manufactured from high quality UV stabilized nylon compounds, Nickel plated Brass & Stainless Steel, Stayput Fasteners remain the most reliable and trouble free fastening solution for the industrial fabric trade.

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